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Indestructibell - Small

Indestructibell - Small

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A big nickel plated bell surrounded by an indestructible shell made from the same material used in the manufacturing of bullet proof glass! A fantastic long lasting toy with an inspired name! The four nickel plated metal screws holding this toy together are slightly recessed to help prevent curious tongues and beaks from undoing them and can be removed with a phillips screwdriver when you want to put this parrot toy through the dishwasher!

There is also a good loop at the bottom which can function as a handle for your feathered friend to hold as it tries to get at the jingling temptation inside, or as a destination for other hanging toys.

This parrot toy is a great size for all those medium-sized parrots like Eclectus, greys, amazons, small macaws and cockatoos, and comes with a nickel plated quick link.

Keiko has enjoyed her Large Indestructibell for over a year now. But she took a real shine to it once it was hung in her outdoor cage where she had lots of space to dangle from the handle and flap around making it jingle loudly. The disadvantage to hanging this toy outside was the nickel plated hardware started rusting (except the bell – which seems protected enough from the elements by the thick plastic shell). Most hardware on this toy can be replaced with stainless steel from our hardware section.

Dimensions: 11cm tall (including 6mm thick handle), 8.5cm wide. Chain length (with O ring and quick link) = 17cm.

Bird Size: Small, Medium

Brand: Lucky Bird

Price: $21.95

Product Code: INDY7
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