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Berry Blast Small Refill

Berry Blast Small Refill

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The small Berry Blast parrot toy has a total of 12 wooden berries, measuring half an inch in diameter, strung on three lengths of vegetable tanned leather that can be pulled back and forth through the central wooden trunk. A gorgeous bundle of chewable wood dyed with food safe vegetable dye make this a great wood based toy for the small chewers.

Our refill toys are designed to save money and reduce waste. Buy one toy with the chain and when it’s seen its last day unscrew the screw eye from the used toy and attach a new one. This toy can be found with the chain in our hanging toys section. The chain can also be purchased separately from our hardware section.

Dimensions:  Stick with berries = 12cm tall x 6cm.

Bird Size: Small

Brand: My Parrot

Price: $12.95

Product Code: BERY45
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